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Langston Specific Products

The Pacesetter-L is an Upgrade – Not just a replacement

Is your Langston Saturn LMC dead or about to die?  Is it difficult or impossible to get spare parts or service? Solve your problem now – before it gets worse. Install IMC’s Pacesetter-L, specifically designed to economically replace and upgrade your LMC.

Langston’s basic LMC design was better than most – and compatible with the Pacesetter. Replacing the obsolete computer parts, but retaining the existing wiring and current technology sensors and input/output devices makes this a very cost effective solution.  Return on investment is typically three months!

Pacesetter-L 3.0 ROI Analysis

Compared to an LMC, the Pacesetter-L:
• Is fully supportable
• Has superior register control
• There is no need to “zero” or close the machine “in time.”
• Has automatic return to last register after machine is re-closed

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