Saturn IV Replacement

Langston’s control was based on Allen-Bradley PLC5 hardware and two (now obsolete) Ziatech computers. One connected to the LMC and the second acted as the SCADA interface.

To provide a fully maintainable system, IMC replaces the obsolete hardware with a new IMC designed and manufactured system which includes fully supportable twin Pentium class ISA bus industrial computers and new hardware to interface with the Allen-Bradley PLC.  There will be no change to Langston’s software.  The existing software will simply be loaded into the new disc drives.  After completion, the new system will function as before.  Because IMC does not have access to Langston’s software, this proposal assumes either that the original system is operational or the plant has access to the original software discs.
Installation of this upgrade will result in a fully supportable and maintainable system.