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Langston Saturn FFG, vintage 1999
14-axis LMC replacement installed in 2012 on a Langston Saturn.  The original encoders, wiring and enclosures were retained.  Only the obsolete computer, monitor and keyboard were replaced.  Original IDT terminal replaced with IMC’s flexoview.

Computer enclosure after installation
upper right – Original Opto22 devices
upper left – Original encoder terminals
bottom left – New computer assembly

Front of operator console after installation
on left – New flexoview,
on right – New monitor & keyboard

Martin 924
24-axis MP2 replacement installed 2012

New operator’s station

on left – Original Martin I/O cables relocated from MP2 cabinet
on right – Signal converters to interface MP2 feedback sensors to Pacesetter


Langston Saturn FFG, vintage 1986
Older model 28-axis Pacesetter replaced LMC in 1997.  New Pacesetter 2.0 computer hardware & software were installed in 2011 along with new A‑B PLC to replace original obsolete GE series 3 PLC.

Modified Langston console
on left – Pacesetter monitor, keyboard
on right – New A-B Panelview

top – Back view of Pacesetter monitor & Panelview
bottom – New computer with original Opto22 I/O & encoder terminations

New Allen-Bradley PLC


Isowa Gemini FFG vintage 1994 with Ward top loading counter ejector
34-axis Pacesetter installed in 2011 to replace obsolete GEM-80 computer system

New operator’s station

Pacesetter computer enclosure

Pacesetter computer enclosure – inside

Signal converters to interface original encoders to Pacesetter              



Emba 244 FFG
18-axis Pacesetter installed in 2009 to replace obsolete Emba AROS system.

Pacesetter monitor, keyboard & mouse

Inside view of Pacesetter computer enclosure mounted on slotting section.

PLC, variable frequency drives & encoder signal converters

Variable speed drives & encoder signal converters              



Martin 718 FFG
31-axis MP3 replacement installed 2008.  Job also included new A-B PLC control with PanelView, new starters, new main AC drive & motor and new wiring (mostly).

Operator’s console

Computer enclosure with heat exchanger

Touch screen on counter ejector

New A-B PLC   New starters   Wire-way      


Wire-way   New AC drive          

MHI Summit 100
16-axis Pacesetter installed in 2006 to replace MHI’s obsolete computer system.
Side view   Operator’s console with optional touch screen  


Existing encoders – reused



Hooper Printer Slotter, vintage late 1950's
5-axis Pacesetter installed in August 2005 on a four-color 50” Hooper printer slotter. This more than forty-year-old four-color machine was rugged and well maintained. The plant added reverse angle doctor blade flexo printing, lead edge feeder and IMC's Pacesetter. While the fast computer set-up was desirable, the principal advantage was freeing the operators from the need to “zero” or close the machine “in time” and the automatic return to last register after printing plate-cleaning stops. The result of these upgrades was a productive machine capable of high graphic printing with many of the features of the latest equipment, but at drastically lower cost.
Operator Station Next To Machine Typical register encoding mounting      

Mitsubishi FFG, vintage 1986
19-axis Pacesetter installed in August 2005 on a Summit 100 flexo folder gluer.  The Pacesetter replaces the original obsolete, complex and difficult to maintain MHI system.
Operator Side View Computer enclosure with open door Operator's Console in front of folding section      

Ward FFG, vintage 1973
8-axis Pacesetter installed in 2002 on a Ward.  The machine was originally fitted with an 8-axis G&L computer, subsequently upgraded by Ward about twenty years later. We replaced Ward’s analog resolvers with new high-resolution digital encoders and replaced the obsolete Ward computer hardware within the original enclosure with a new industrial quality PC, new color flat panel display and computer keyboard.
Operators console with open door after the installation
Operators console after the installation
Operator side of the machine