View Pacesetter 3.0 Screen Shots: One Two Three


Better by Design…

It all begins with the operating system. Pacesetter 3.0’s software operates under Linux, which has all the advantages of Windows, but without all of the problems.

  • Extreme stability & crash resistance with no need for an uninterruptible power supply (power may simply be switched off)
  • Strong, built-in virus resistance
  • Open Source & License Free – Anyone may download Linux from the Internet without cost (software equivalent of open architecture)

Better by the Benefits…

  • Accurate Register Control
  • 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) adjustments
  • No need to close machine “in time”
  • Automatic return to last register – After machine re-closes, Pacesetter automatically brings registers back into registration typically saving 5 to 10 minutes
  • Accurate Caliper Adjustments
  • Common User Interface allows operators to easily move from machine to machine
  • Production Counting – boxes and area
  • Easy interface to Scheduling Systems with SQL data base
  • Highly Reliable and Maintainable
  • Common Spare Parts
  • Open Architecture

For the rest of the story, please download the Pacesetter 3.0 PDF

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