IMC is proud to present our Flexoview+ IDT upgrade for Saturn machines. The Flexoview+ offers a very cost effective replacement based on a modern web–enabled PC based human machine interface (HMI) technology.

The Flexoview+ is much more than a mere replacement. The new system supports:

  • Simple to Use: Full Touchscreen with improved Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Easily Upgradable: Expandable memory and compact flash support
  • Highly Extensible: Data Collection‚ Trending and Alarming capabilities will be available via software in a future release
  • Web–Enabled: Future web server Integration will enable browser–based access from any Internet connected PC
  • Simple to Install: Installation is Plug-n-Play, with the included instructions, by plant maintenance.
  • IMC Stock: Usually ships within one buisness day

The Flexoview+ is compatible with any Langston Saturn flexo controlled by an Allen–Bradley PLC5 with IDT.

Key Features…

  • PC based HMI
  • 12.1” TFT color touch screen flat panel monitor
  • Low power fanless processor
  • Microsoft Windows® CE operating system
  • Mounting adaptor plate and closing plate for lower touch panel
  • No “learning curve”. The new system operates like an improved IDT

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