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Considerations When Replacing Controls

1. Cost
It seems simple, but cost is often an extremely complex issue. Initially of course is upfront cost; how much to get the Controls installed and working on your machine. Less obvious though is cost over the lifetime of the new Controls. Are replacement parts readily available, or will the manufacturer hold your feet over the fire with ridiculous proprietary parts?
2. Open Architecture
3. Ease of Use
Training operators on complex systems can be costly and waste enormous amounts of time. Some systems offer the ability to see all the stations of the machine by scrolling through complex graphical views over numerous pages.
Pacesetter 2.0 can offer the operator a single page view of all the machine stations. Pacesetter’s graphical user interface is simplified; only the necessary information is presented, avoiding over-complex interface decoration.
4. Expertise
Is it possible to put a value on the professional knowledge you bring to your job? IMC specializes in replacement Control Systems. Period. Neither the engineering nor technical departments dilute their expertise in Control System design and installation by working on other aspects of the box plant. This expertise is especially prevalent with Langston. IMC’s management and engineering teams are led by the former Manager of Control Engineering and the designer of Langston’s computer control systems.
5. Reliability
Given the mission critical status of your set-up control, why would you ever trust Windows OS? From NASA to many Fortune 500 companies, Linux is the choice OS when resistance to viruses and crashing is mandatory. Linux is a stable open source 64-bit license free Unix variant that supports full graphical user interface, large memory space, easy customization, maintainability and portability. It has all the advantages of Windows without Windows inherent problems. Linux is crash resistant and doesn’t require an uninterruptible power supply. No shutdown procedure is needed; power can simply be turned off.