Open Architecture CPU Card


Why Open Architecture?
The Pacesetter is based on "Open Architecture Hardware". This simply means that specifications are public and therefore parts are available from multiple sources. With no dependence on specific vendors, you are protecting against supply disruptions or high prices. You will never be held hostage for an inflated cost replacement part.

Open architecture encoder interface hardware does not exist, however. Rather than rely on an outside vendors proprietary part, IMC has designed its own.

Linux Operating System
IMC's new Pacesetter; 3.0 software runs under the Linux operating system. Linux is a stable open source 64-bit license free Unix variant that supports full graphical user interface, large memory space, easy customization, maintainability and portability. It has all the advantages of Windows without Windows inherent problems. Linux is crash resistant and doesn't require an uninterruptible power supply. No shutdown procedure is needed; power can simply be turned off.

Benefits include:

  • Simplifies new development.
  • Provides true graphical user interface.
  • Provides Internet connectivity with remote diagnostics and software update.
  • Enables single or multi-plant monitoring and production control.
  • Includes SQL Data Base, which simplifies data connectivity.
  • Allows for fast PLC Interface simplifying design and reducing cost by eliminating redundant I/O.
  • Allows for distributed architecture and the resulting reduction in inter-station wiring.

Pacesetter 3.0 is backward compatibility with the original Pacesetter. The new software, written in C, is based on the original C code. Cost to upgrade an older Pacesetter is modest.